05 Jun

Eid Fitr Mubarak



Wednesday Program(June 5/Shawwal 1):
Inshallah we will be celebrating Eid day on Wednesday June 5 .
Program starts at 8:00AM.  Duaa Nudba and Dua Ahd will be at 8:20AM , then the prayer at 9:00AM followed by khutbaBrunch will be ready at 11:00AM.

We request the youth to prepare short speeches about why we celebrate Eid Fitr and paying Zakat. Inshallah each presenter will receive a gift.
This Eid inshallah we have arranged for several fun activities for the whole family, including games,challenges.

Please come and bring your kids and enjoy the day with all of us.
8:00am: Eid Program starts

8:20am: Duaa Nudba & Dua Ahd

9:00am: Salat Eid-ul Fitr

9:20am: khutba 
by Shaikh Mohammad Hassan Rafati

9:45am: Fundraising by Board of Trustees

10:00am: Salat Eid-ul Fitr (for those who cannot make the Salaat at 9:00AM)

10:30am: Presentations by youth about why do we celebrate Eid Fitr and Paying Zakat  

11:00amCelebrating Eid Al-Fitr and having brunch

1:00pm: Salat Zuhr & Asr


Zakat al-Fitrah

The obligatory time to pay (ada) starts from the beginning of the night of Eid and ends at the time of Eid prayer.

If the time frame was missed, then the Zakat must be paid with the intention of absolute servitude to Allah (raja), In either case it must be paid.

Zakat al-Fitrah is equivalent to 6.6 pounds of a popular basic fooditem such as rice or wheat (flour), per person.
This is a US $10.00 equivalent per eligible person. For example, a family of 5 would pay US $50.
There is no zakat al-fitrah due on an infant which does not eat solid food

We are collecting Zakat al-Fitra at DarulHikmah.
Please mark your zakat as 'syed' or 'non-syed'.
We collect the zakat and ensure that the needy in our community receive it for their nutritional needs.

We encourage all brothers and sisters in our community to become members of Dar ul Hikmah. Please see an EC member for further questions.

We have also added links on our website and email to donate for convenience of our community members. Please donate generously.


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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