Weekly Announcements

عن الامام الحسن عليه السلام :
اِذا اَضَرَّتِ النَّوافِل بِالفَريضَةِ فَارفُضُوها. (بحار الانوار ج78 ص109)

Imam Hassan Mujtaba(as): 
When the desirable & commendable services damage & harm the obligatory services, abandon them.

For well-being and safety of the community members and attendees we will not have program at Dar-ul-Hikmah until further notice. 

Instead, Inshallah we will have programs online via Skype video conferencing.

Please join the Skype group of Dar-ul-Hikmah. If you don't have Skype account, it is free to join. You can use Skype on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. 

Please turn off your microphone and Video during online session.

Thursday Program (April 2/Shaban 8):

No program this week
Friday Prayer (April 3/Shaban 9):
No Friday Prayer this week

Saturday Program (April 4/Shaban 10):

Program starts at 8:00pm(Online Via Skype):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Hadith Kisa

  • Speech by Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Rafati. Speech topic:"The essence of worship and faith"