24 May

Eid al-Fitr


Weekly Announcements

عن النبي الاکرم صلی الله عليه وآله و سلم :
إنَّ اللهَ تَبارَکَ وتَعالی لَا يَنظُرُ إِلی صُوَرِکُم وَلا إِلی أَموالِکُم وَلکِن يَنظُرُ إِلی قُلُوبِکُم وَأَعمالِکُم. (بحارالانوار ح77 ص88)

Holy Prophet(SAWA):
Allah does not look at (value) your faces & nor your wealth’s but He looks at your hearts & your practices.

For well-being and safety of the community members and attendees we will not have program at Dar-ul-Hikmah until further notice.

Instead, Inshallah we will have programs online via Skype video conferencing.

Please join the Skype group of Dar-ul-Hikmah. If you don't have Skype account, it is free to join. You can use Skype on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Please turn off your microphone and Video during online session.

Thursday Program (May 21/Ramadan 27):

Program starts at 9:30pm(Online Via Skype):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Dua Iftitah

  • Dua Kumail

Friday Prayer (May 22/Ramadan 28):
No Friday Prayer this week

Saturday Program (May 23/Ramadan 29):

Program starts at 9:30pm(Online Via Skype):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Dua Iftitah

  • Speech by Maulana Syed Jafar Rizvi. Speech topic:"Lessons from Dua #45 of Sahife Sajjadiya, Bidding Farewell to Ramadan"

Sunday Program (May 24/Shawwal 1):

Program starts at 8:30am(Online Via Skype):

Inshallah we will be celebrating Eid day on Sunday May 24

8:30am: Duaa Nudba & Dua Ahd

9:00am: Salat Eid-ul Fitr (Every one will pray at home individually following the recitation via Skype)

9:20am: khutba

9:40am: Game (children and adults can participate and there will be prizes for winners) - please install Kahoot! application.

Zakat al-Fitrah

The obligatory time to pay (ada) starts from the beginning of the night of Eid and ends at the time of Eid prayer.

If the time frame was missed, then the Zakat must be paid with the intention of absolute servitude to Allah (raja), In either case it must be paid.

Zakat al-Fitrah is equivalent to 6.6 pounds of a popular basic food item such as rice or wheat (flour), per person.
This is a US $10.00 equivalent per eligible person. For example, a family of 5 would pay US $50.

We are collecting Zakat al-Fitra at DarulHikmah.
If it is difficult for you to pay Zakat al-Fitrah to its eligible recipient in your town, and you prefer to use Dar-ul-Hikmah's services, you may make your payment ahead of time and delegate Dar-ul-Hikmah to allot Zakat al-Fitrah on your behalf on the night of Eid. Dar-ul-Hikmah will then disburse it according to the religious criteria.
You can pay Zakat al-Fitrah online to Dar-ul-Hikmah's PayPal by
clicking here.
Make sure to add a note "Zakat al-Fitrah" and "Sayyed" or "none Sayyed". Since a fee is deducted by PayPal from each payment, respected community members need to pay a little bit more to cover the fees and the right amount of Zakat al-Fitrah be paid on your behalf. The following shows the amount should be paid for each Zakat al-Fitrah amount:

for $10 pay $10.61
for $20 pay $20.91
for $30 pay $31.21
for $40 pay $41.51
for $50 pay $51.81
for $60 pay $62.11

Eid Mubarak in advance, and may God accept your fast and good deeds!


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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