31 Aug

Commemorating “Muharram 1441”



 "Muharram 1441" Program Announcement
Saturday August 31th-Friday September 13th

Dear respected Community members,
House Of Wisdom (Dar Ul Hikma) invite you to take part in the Muharram program.
Program starts Saturday August 31st and continues for 14 days.

Nightly Programs (August 31/Dhu al-Hajjah 29 - September 13/Muharram 13): Except day of Ashura

Programs start at 7:30PM

  • Salat Maghribain
  • Recitation of Quran, Zyarat Ashura
  • Marsiya Of Imam Hossein(as)
  • Speech by Maulana Waseem Abbas
  • Matam(Sine Zani)
  • Nyaz/Food 

Friday Prayer (September 6 & 13):

Friday Prayer: 1:00PM to 2:00PM.
Friday Sermon will start at 1:00PM.
Maulana Waseem Abbas will lead the prayers.

Day of Ashura Program - Tuesday (September 10/Muharram 10):

9:00am: Maghtal(in Arabic)
11:30am: Aamal for the Day of Ashura
12:40pm: Salaat Zuhrain
1:00pm: Marsiya Of Imam Hossein(as)
2:00pm: Speech by
Maulana Waseem Abbas
2:30pm: Matam(Sine Zani)
3:30pm: Nyaz/Food (Sponsored)

Sham-e-Ghariban Program - Tuesday (September 10/Muharram 10):

7:20pm: Salat Maghribain
7:40pm: Marsiya(Sham-e-Ghariban)
8:00pm: Speech by
Maulana Waseem Abbas
8:30pm: Snack & Tea


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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