02 Jan

Commemorating martyrdom of Lady Fatima(sa)


Weekly Announcements

عن الامام الحسن العسکری عليه السلام :
مَن رَکِبَ ظَهرَ الباطِلِ نَزَلَ بِهِ دارَآ لنَّدامَةِ. (بحارالانوار ج78 ص379)

Imam Hassan al-Askari(as) :  
The person who rides the back of falsehood, lands upon the house of regret & shame.

For well-being and safety of the community members and attendees we will not have program at Dar-ul-Hikmah until further notice. 

Instead, Inshallah we will have programs online via
Zoom video conferencing.

Please join the Zoom meeting on the specified date and time for each program. You can use Zoom on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. 

Thursday Program (December 31/Jumada al-Awwal 16):

No program this week.

Friday Prayer (January 1/Jumada al-Awwal 17):
No Friday Payer this week.

Saturday Program (January 2/Jumada al-Awwal 18):

Commemorating martyrdom of Lady Fatima(sa), daughter of Prophet Muhammad(sawa).

Program starts at 7:00pm (Online Via Zoom) :

  • Recitation of Quran by a young Quran reciter, Syed Taghi Abbas from NJ

  • Hadith Kisa

  • Speech by Shaykh Mohammad Hassan Rafati. Speech Topic: "Life of Hazart Zahra (sa)"


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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