30 Jan

Celebrating birth of Lady Fatima(sa)


Weekly Announcements

عن فاطمة الزهراء عليها السلام :
وَ [جَعَلَ اللهُ] الصَّلاةَ تَنزيلهاً لَکُم عَنِ الکِبرِ. (أعيان الشيعة-الطبع الجديد- ج1 ص 316)

Hazrat Zahra(sa) :  
And (made) service the cause of your getting distant (purification) from pride (egoism).

For well-being and safety of the community members and attendees we will not have program at Dar-ul-Hikmah until further notice. 

Instead, Inshallah we will have programs online via
Zoom video conferencing.

Please join the Zoom meeting on the specified date and time for each program. You can use Zoom on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. 

Thursday Program (January 28/Jumada al-Thani 14):

Program starts at 7:00pm (Online Via Zoom) : 

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Hadith Kisa

  • Dua Kumail 

  • Ziyarat Waritha

Friday Prayer (January 29/Jumada al-Thani 15):
No Friday Payer this week.

Saturday Program (January 30/Jumada al-Thani 16):

Celebrating birth of Lady Fatima(sa), daughter of Prophet Muhammad(sawa).

Inshallah after speech there will be a short video followed by Kahoot! game. There will be prizes for winners.

Also attached are some drawing to download for kids to paint and send the painted drawings to Dar-ul-Hikmah email (wi.darulhikmah@gmail.com). Please write the name on painted drawings. There will be prizes for 3 winners.

Program starts at 7:00pm (Online Via Zoom) :

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Hadith Kisa

  • Speech by Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Rafati. Speech Topic: "The virtues of Lady Fatima(sa)"

  • Short video followed by Kahoot! game with prizes for winners


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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