27 Apr

Celebrating birth of Imam Hassan Mujtaba(as)


Weekly Announcements

الامام الحسن عليه السلام :
لا فَقرَ مِثلُ الجَهلِ. (بحارالانوار ج78 ص111)

Imam Hassan(as):
There is no poverty like the ignorance.

Dear respected community members,

With all adults 16 and older are now eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Dar-ul-hikmah Board of Trustees and Executive committee members decided to reopen Dar-ul-hikmah for respected community members participation
starting Saturday May 1st (First Qadr night)

For well-being and
safety of the community members and attendees we are asking respected community members to comply with the following conditions on FIRST PHASE of reopening:

1- only
VACCINATED ADULTS with proof of vaccinations can attend

2- All attendees should
wear masks and stay 6 feet apart while inside the building.

3- During Ramadan,
center opens after Iftar at 9:00PM. Please eat Iftar at home. If bringing any food or drink, please bring only for your consumption and avoid sharing food. If you like to sponsor Suhoor on Qadr nights, should bring in packed boxes to go.

Ramadan programs have already scheduled online and will continue to be online. Attendees who come to center will listen to and watch the online programs and are welcomed to stay overnight to do Amaal at center after online programs on Qadr nights.

Inshallah we will have programs online via Zoom video conferencing.

Please join the
Zoom meeting on the specified date and time for each program. You can use Zoom on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. 
Please subscribe to Dar-ul-Hikmah YouTube channel and watch Dar-ul-Hikmah programs live from this channel:

Dar-ul-Hikmah - Milwaukee - YouTube

Tuesday Program (April 27/Ramadan 14):

Celebrating birth of Imam Hassan(as)

Program starts at 9:00pm (Online Via Zoom):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Speech by Sheikh Mazin Alsahlani. Speech topic:"Imam Hassan(as):How do we internalize him?"

  • Dua Iftitah

Thursday Program (April 29/Ramadan 16):

Program starts at 9:00pm (Online Via Zoom):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Dua Kumail 

  • Speech by Sheikh Mazin Alsahlani. Speech topic:"How does the month of Ramadan strengthen our will?"

  • Dua Iftitah

Friday Prayer (April 30/Ramadan 17):
No Friday Payer this week.


Saturday Program (May 1/Ramadan 18): QADR NIGHT

Dar-ul-Hikmah first day of reopening

Program starts at 9:00pm (Online Via Zoom):

  • Recitation of Quran

  • Speech by Maulana Hassan Rafati .

  • Dua Iftitah

  • Ammal of Qadr night

Sponsoring the Programs

Mashallah respected community members sponsored all the programs. Jazakallah Khair (May Allah reward you)


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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